Club Layout – March Progress Report

Progress continues on the Smoky Mountain Model Railroaders’ club layout in Clyde, North Carolina. There is still much work to be done and any help you would like to provide would be appreciated. We are always looking for new train club members.

20170328-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-Clubhouse-30 copy

Smoky Mountain Model Railroaders Layout

We have now run trains on all four mainlines but we still continue to tweak the tracks. Next we will need to wire all the rail switches followed by wiring the accessories.

20170328-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-Clubhouse-6 copy 20170328-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-Clubhouse-4 20170328-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-Clubhouse-9 copy 20170328-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-Clubhouse-12 copy 20170328-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-Clubhouse-17 copy 20170328-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-Clubhouse-22 copy

The scenery placement is also slowly being finalized. Scenes include a circus, coal mine, passenger station, subway station, ship dock, refinery, a roundhouse with round table, and much more! Our 30 x 50 area is just packed with O-gauge model train goodies.

20170328-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-Clubhouse-23 copy

A couple of O-gauge Steam engines in the train yard


20170328-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-Clubhouse-26 copy

View looking out the door from the Smokey Mountain Model Railroaders clubhouse

Work sessions are Tuesdays at 7pm and on random other days.  The plan is to be far enough along to hold open house events by summer. We would sure like to see you!

20170328-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-Clubhouse-33 copy

Jerry tweaks some tracks

20170328-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-Clubhouse-32 copy

Bronwyn paints the backdrop

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