O-Gauge Train Club Update

Smoky Mountain Model Railroaders’ club layout is progressing nicely. Much of the track wiring is done and we are moving on to wiring up the many accessories and lights. The SuperStreets roadway has been installed but still needs wiring. An El Train will be installed above the roadway soon. Members are working hard on adding scenery details and ballasting the hundreds of feet of track.  Outside, the clubhouse and grounds are looking great!  Gravel has been added to the parking area so we shouldn’t have to worry as much about the rain.

If you are looking for a model train club in Western North Carolina to join now is the perfect time to become a member. The normal club meeting/work session is Tuesday evening at 7pm. Members are currently working on other days and most weekends as well. If you are interested, send us an email at info@smmr.us

20170603-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-1 copy

The Mine

20170603-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-4 copy20170603-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-7 copy

20170603-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-9 copy

The Train Yard

20170603-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-10 copy20170603-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-11 copy

20170603-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-12 copy

Crops are planted and growing

20170603-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-13 copy

20170603-Smoky-Mountain-Model-Railroaders-28 copy

Bison mama and calf enjoy the field near the clubhouse

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