The Smoky Mountain Model Railroad Club had its inception back in early 2010 and was ‘officially’ started in May of that year. The club sought out interested parties to expand the enjoyment of the hobby. We grew to about a dozen members by the end of the year and eventually settled into an old industrial park behind Sagebrush Restaurant in Waynesville, North Carolina. We built a large layout and had many open houses and special events for the general public over the next 5 years until it was rumored that the property was going to be sold. We decided that it was not worth putting more work into the space and considered moving.

Meanwhile, Buffalo Creek Vacations had been acquiring several cabooses to add to their vacation rental units in Clyde, NC and were building a facility to house their office, laundry, and storage. It would be railroad themed. They offered to give us a large open space above the new ‘station’ as a permanent home for our layout. (On Google Maps use: Caboose Way, Clyde, NC 28721)

The new layout itself is quite large, almost completely filling the 30’ x 50’ room we are housed in. Inspired by our beautiful area of western NC with lush mountains, streams and farmland, we operate ‘Lionel-type’ 3 rail O gauge trains from pre WW2 to modern locomotives and equipment. It incorporates 4 lengthy mainlines of track plus numerous sidings, a passenger station complex, 2 subway lines, Superstreets in the city, and a large freight yard.




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